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Evolution of the Specific Pain Formulas

Misty Carey

KannaKare products were developed to serve the needs of the people in our company and in our medical marijuana patient base. We found that Vaughn’s original formula didn’t work that well for people with certain kinds of pain. Now familiar with the original salves and their effect, we set about to adjust the plant remedies in the formulas to be very specific for these kinds of pain.

This next evolution of the KannaKare formulas required in-depth study of herbal remedies and “Traditional Folk Medicine.” Traditional folk medicine is based on the ancient wisdom of the ages. Folk medicine is not witchcraft. It’s the shared knowledge of generation after generation of skilled herbal scholars and healers about the natural healing properties of plants. Plants have healed humans through our history. Many of our modern pharmaceutical pain medications are actually based on plants found in nature.

Using this ancient wisdom, we worked on developing different products for specific types of pain using the plant remedies known to be effective for that specific type of pain. Our medical cannabis patients provided an on-going non-clinical trial of sorts. People are usually willing to try anything that might ease their pain (especially if it is free) and they eagerly smeared on our latest goop and reported back their results. We adjusted as necessary. The first three successful formulations were the Joint, Muscle and Nerve pain salves.

But relief for arthritis pain and inflammation remained stubbornly beyond reach of our first pain formulas. We searched again the ancient wisdom for herbs known to help arthritis. Fortunately, we are a company filled with old women with knobby fingers so it was easy to do in-house, non-clinical research. Thus we birthed ArthraKare.

RadiaKare, our Radiation Relief Formula, came about from a staff member’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Surely we could do something! Surely we make something that could at least keep her from burning from the radiation treatment. And we did.

ViraKare, the anti-wart Formula, and FungiKare, the anti-fungus formula, both evolved organically from Vaughn’s original recipe foot salve. We had more “no shit” moments when folks reported that the foot salve had completely eliminated warts that they had for years. Others reported a positive effect on nail fungus and athlete’s foot. Wow! When a relatively dilute foot salve could have such a positive effect on viruses and fungus, what could a concentrated formula do? Amazing things, it turns out. People have reported great results with the concentrated herbal formulas, ViraKare and FungiKare.

Our company, its people and the science behind our products continues to evolve and change. As it does so, KannaKare will offer more and different tools for your health and healing toolbox.


Yes, the KannaKare formulas were originally developed using an extraction made from medical marijuana. We used a full spectrum, low-THC extract of flower material from which most, but not all, of the THC had been removed. I was actually more interested in the “sister molecules” in the plant material than the THC itself. And THC products are federally illegal.

A hemp plant can only product a certain amount of either THC or CBD. Most cannabis (marijuana) plants have been bred to increase THC, the psychoactive molecule that changes the human physiology. CBD, the non-psychotropic active molecule in cannabis plants, is more prevalent in the industrial hemp plant that has had far less human intervention in its genetics.

Could we get the same results removing the THC and replacing it with the same relative percentage of CBD, THC’s sister molecule? CBD is perfectly legal and works in a similar, yet different way, with the human endocannabinoid system.

We asked Roland, our resident salve expert, if he would test it. We mixed up a batch of his favorite joint salve and substituted a concentrated CBD product for our usual extract in the formula. Roland took a couple of jars home and, after using it instead of his regular joint formula, he reported that the new product worked great. Thank you, Roland!

Using full spectrum CBD oil from hemp for our cannabinoids, we can now offer these amazing products to people outside of Montana.

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