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How the Formulas Work

Misty Carey

KannaKare Botanical Wellness Formulas work on two distinct, yet symbiotic, levels. First the cannabinoids in the CBD oil interact with receptor sites on the skin, initiating a biochemical cascade that promotes healing.  Second, the medley of herbal remedies chosen from traditional folk medicine acts on the human physiology, each in its own way.

It’s almost a miracle how CBD and the other molecules in the hemp plant interact with our bodies. The surface of our skin has receptor sites that positively respond to phytocannabinoid (plant molecule) signaling. These phytocannabinoids like CBD and THC are “mimetic” to molecules natural in our bodies called endocannabinoids. This means that the plant molecules fit into the same receptors and mimic the natural signaling of our own intrinsic human endocannabinoid system. Although not entering the body, the active ingredients in the CBD oil stimulate our own internal healing system. 

The physiological “goal” when using KannaKare Botanical Wellness Formulas is to fill the cannabinoid receptor sites in the affected area and keep them filled. This stimulates our own body’s ability to heal on a cellular level and initiates a physiological change to heal the cause of the problem. Many patients have reported long-term effects of pain relief, reduced swelling and increased joint mobility after using our pain products. The positive effects on skin are visible to the naked eye.

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