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Skin,Glorious Skin...

Andrea Soheily

There is a good way to get your Endocannabinoid System tuned up , and you don't have to wait for years & pay a huge premium to pharma. Use your skin !

Phytocannabinoids ( from the Cannabis Plant ) have a high affinity for human skin, which is loaded with CB1 and CB2 receptors. Receptors are found on keratinocytes and on immune cells in the skin . CB2 receptors proliferate where there is inflammation and are considered targets for pharma concoctions.

However, the high quality cannabinoids found in Botanical Wellness topicals are infused into nutritious oils, combined with essential oils and herbal powders that become become more activated when you rub the salves into your skin.Here you derive all the benefits of touch, you reinforce your desire to heal by engaging with your body in an attitude of gratitude and healing intentions. Furthermore your action is key to engaging the placebo effect because it is a powerful message to your subconscious, likely the most powerful information processor known.The subconscious processes a million times faster than the conscious mind .the thousands of information  gathering nerves in the skin come awake.Touch ignites sensations of well being. You are primed. Now the ingredients in your topical can melt into your tissues and find their destination receptors.These are pain relieving, anti inflammatory  molecules your body is primed to use. You are taking advantage of one of the most primitive and profound systems in the mammalian word, the Endocannabinoid system. It is a signaling system that maintains homeostasis( balance) internally and with respect to many external conditions. You are adding a known pain reliever , CBD. Inflammation is a fundamental condition of note to the organism. If not quelled, it can devolve into serious chronic health issues. The CBD in Kannakare Botanical Wellness products is a Swiss grown/processed whole plant product. These molecules are vibrant. 


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