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How These Formulas Evolved

Misty Carey

My first awakening to the amazing healing potential of these topical formulas came when I gave a lecture on medical cannabis at the local public library. During the talk, I had shown the audience the various non-smoking dosing options available to them. At the time, my friend Vaughn had developed a version of these salves and I was selling them through my shop. As the samples were passed at the library during the course of the evening, many people smeared a little of Vaughn’s salve on their hand with a cotton swab. A man who had attended the event showed...

What is CBD?

Misty Carey

While THC, the psychotropic (euphoric) constituent of cannabis, connects with the receptors in the nervous system, cannabidiol (CBD) connects with the receptors in the muscle tissues and immune system. CBD is the most widely studied pain-relieving constituent in the cannabis plant. Found both in the leaf and flower, CBD uniquely fills receptor sites throughout the body. We use special strains of cannabis which produce unusually high CBD content, up to 200 times the amount found in most strains.