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About Us

About CBDKare

Misty Carey, owner of CBDKare Botanical Wellness Formulas LLC, is assisted by a team dedicated to a viable alternative health care approach with a scientific foundation for support.

We have an impressive assortment of Botanical Wellness topical products -- salves and creams formulated for specific symptoms, as well as massage oil and lip balm. We hear reports of  positive effects with these pain relief alternatives from our customers on a daily basis.

About Misty
I grew up on a small farm in Eastern Montana. Our family devoted our lives to that little piece of land surrounded on three sides by a loop of the not-at-all-mighty Tongue River. The weather was our constant companion, squinting to the sky to see if good or bad was our lot that day. Good was sun, but not too much sun. Good was rain, but not too much rain. The health of the plants, all lined up in tidy rows in the fields, was what mattered. When given the right sun and the right rain, good grew from the earth and gave us our lives.

The notion that good comes from the sky and good grows from the earth has never left me. We make our Botanical Wellness Formulas to reflect this reverence toward the life power of nature, embracing her wisdom and her generous gifts of health and wellness. Our products are formulated using the shared knowledge of generations of herbal tradition, crafted from the finest all-natural ingredients and manufactured in the sparkling, pristine air of Montana.

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