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How the Formulas Differ

Graphic: Botanical Wellness Formulas = CBD oil + Herbal Extracts

All our topical formulas are based on two paths of action:  CBD oil plus herbal remedies specially chosen for their known positive effects for that symptom.  These molecules act in concert and the two paths of action – CBD and herbal extracts – combine to give us a deeper sensation of symptom relief.

Our pain salve formulas have the same CBD oil base in the same relative dose across the product line. The CBD part of the equation is equal. The salve formulas differ from each other in the selection of herbal extracts added to the base CBD formula.

ArthraKare = CBD oil + herbal arthritis remedies 

FlexiKare = CBD oil + herbal extracts for joint pain and inflammation

MyoKare = CBD oil + herbal extracts for muscle pain and inflammation

NeuraKare = CBD oil + remedies for pain caused by nerve damage

PedaKare = CBD oil + herbal extracts for general pain and skin health