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How These Formulas Evolved

My first awakening to the amazing healing potential of these topical formulas came when I gave a lecture on medical cannabis at the local public library. During the talk, I had shown the audience the various non-smoking dosing options available to them. At the time, my friend Vaughn had developed a version of these salves and I was selling them through my shop. As the samples were passed at the library during the course of the evening, many people smeared a little of Vaughn’s salve on their hand with a cotton swab.

A man who had attended the event showed up at my office the next morning just as we opened. Roland had been an iron-worker his whole life and, now in his mid-sixties, suffered arthritis pain and swelling in nearly every joint.

“You’ve got to see this,” Roland said to me. He held out both his hands for me to see. His right hand was swollen, his fingers like little sausages, and looked terribly painful. But his left hand, the one on which he had applied the salve the night before, looked like a normal person’s hand.

I looked at each hand again – the right one with swollen fingers like little sausages and the left one that looked normal. The hair stood up on my arms and I got goosebumps all over. I caught Roland’s eye and held it. “No shit?” I whispered hoarsely.

“No shit,” he replied. “I couldn’t believe it myself. I had to come show you. And see if I could get some more of that salve.”

Holy cow! I had to sit down. Who knew that smearing cannabis extract on the outside of the body could actually do anything? Roland’s hand was my introduction to the amazing potential of these formulas. I get goosebumps thinking about it even today.

Since that time, the law changed in Montana (again) and Vaughn the amazing salve-maker left the state for greener pastures. But before he rode off into the sunset, he taught me to make his formulas. Thank you, Vaughn!