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Find the perfect product for whatever ails you:

Our pain salve formulas have the same CBD oil base in the same relative dose across the product line. The CBD part of the equation is equal. The formulas differ from each other in the selection of herbal extracts added to the base CBD formula. 

Pain Formulas

Muscle Pain

Strained Muscles • Leg Cramps • Muscle Spasms • Backache • Range of motion

Joint Pain

Stiff Joints • Pain • Inflammation 

Nerve Pain

Tingling • Numbness • Sciatica

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain • Inflammation • Stiffness

Foot Pain

Swelling • Bunions • Over-Worked Feet • Minor Skin Ailments

  Short-Term Pain Relief 

Versatile • Sprain Relief • Physical Therapy

Skin Formulas

First Aid

Minor Skin Wounds • Contusions • Rashes • Cuts  Blisters • Bug Bites   

Burn Relief

Radiation Treatment Relief 


Therapeutic • Relaxing • Relieves Muscle Pain

Powerful Oils


Cold Sores • Warts • Herpes • Shingles • Pre-Cancerous Spots


Nail Fungus • Athlete’s Foot • Ringworm • Pre-Cancerous Spots