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Customer Testomonials

"I have stiff, crippling pain in my right wrist and left hip. I apply  FlexiKare (Joint Formula), before bedtime, each morning and periodically throughout the day. The pain has decreased considerably. This is an excellent product that provides relief to those, like me, who need it to lead semi active lives."

-- Cindy M.

"I have arthritic pain and stiffness in my hip joints with the pain ranging from 4 to 8 (on 1 to 10 scale) depending on the day. When I began using the NeuraKare (Nerve Formula), the pain diminished greatly. What a pleasant surprise! I would recommend this to others suffering from hip pain."

-- Christine M.

"I have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia nerve damage, which causes chronic pain on one side of my face and neck. Shortly after applying UniKare (Universal Pain Cream), the pain level drops from a level 5 to 1 or 2. This is a great pain formula. I like all of your products that I have tried. I hope you keep making these natural lotions."

-- Ron S.

"I was not sure about using topical salves for chronic hip pain, so did not try them for a long time.  When I  did, I rubbed MyoKare (Muscle Formula) salve into my left hip and the pain practically disappeared right away. It has not returned to the #4 pain level I'd had before starting this. I am so glad I tried MyoKare or I would have never known how well it works."

-- Jess M.

"Osteoarthritis has caused debilitating pain in my feet--mainly, my toes and metatarsal area just behind the toes. Walking and standing was limited to short stretches of time each day. Since I started using ArthraKare (Arthritis Formula) six months ago, my feet feel so much better. I massage ArthraKare on my feet each morning, evening and, occasionally, during the day. It has done wonders for my feet. I urge those with foot issues to try ArthraKare or one of the other salve formulas. They are fantastic!"

-- Jean N.

"I have left leg pain and foot numbness from a compressed spinal disk. After using NeuraKare (Nerve Formula) salve, I was able to sleep through the night. Pain persists in my leg but I will continue to use as it really helps with the numbness in my foot."

-- Mary E.

"I massaged UniKare (Universal Pain Cream) into my knees for chronic aches and pain. The salve absorbed easily and was fast in providing relief. I usually apply a second time to increase the length of relief."

-- Laura S.

“For me, hip pain, including tight nerves and muscle ache, would rate a "9" most days. Within five minutes of applying NeuraKare (Nerve Formula) the pain is relieved. It made an amazing difference for me. Also the scent was very soothing and calming. I'm thankful for the best products I could have asked for. You're my miracle!”

-- Brooklyne M.

“MyoKare (Muscle Formula) really helps my knee pain. There is less throbbing and sharp pain shortly after massaging in. It smells and feels great too!”

-- Jillian T.

 “When I received the NeuraKare (Nerve Formula), I wasn't sure where to start using it. I have chronic pain in my back, hips, knees, elbow, hands, neck and head that reoccur suddenly and repeatedly, especially when I've been on the go with the kids.”

“As it turns out, the salve seems to work where ever I need it. One time I had just finished shopping with the kids, and had shooting pains up my back. I rubbed in NeuraKare while still in the parking lot. It seemed to know just what I needed right then so I drove home pretty much pain free. It is fantastic.”

-- Jennifer F.

 “I have a herniated disk, flattening of the spinal cord in my neck/fibromyalgia. The pain spikes to the point of literally blinding pain. Nothing else has given me the relief that NeuraKare (Nerve Formula) has. It also works well on my sciatica, though that pain is rarely as bad as my neck. The stuff is AMAZING!”

--Tracy T.

 “I use FlexiKare (Joint Salve) and MyoKare (Muscle Salve) on my hands every day after work. It’s great! I experienced instant pain relief without the side effects of pain pills. I use the MyoKare Stick for my back pain. It works great as soon as I apply it to my pain. I would recommend Botanical Wellness Formulas to anyone who suffers chronic pain. I feel healthier since using this.” 

-- Carissa M.

 “NeuraKare (Nerve Formula) and FlexiKare (Joint Salve) are good for pain, bruising and swelling. They’re gone in a matter of hours. I would recommend to anyone looking for a new alternative.”

-- Gilbert H.

“All the salves are wonderful. I’ve used ArthraKare, MyoKare and NeuraKare. They are the best I’ve ever tried.”

-- Sammy F.

“I used NeuraKare (Nerve Formula) on basal-cell carcinoma twice a day for three weeks. It’s gone. Thank you!”


"After 7 days of using the FlexiKare (Joint Formula) and MyoKare (Muscle Salve) together, I have experienced a vast increase in movement and flexibility."

-- Sue N.